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eScrip Unveils New "Online Store" in addition to New Corporate Website

January 28, 2015

eScrip, the premier year-round national fundraising program for schools and other nonprofits, today announced that it has completely re-vamped and re-energized its online presence with a new ecommerce platform, in addition to a new corporate website. The concept and design required a critical re-envisioning and was developed to offer a modern UI with intuitive navigation and integrates new features such as a mobile-responsive design, improved personalization and sign up, as well as online reports that track earnings.

The new sites feature both enhanced content and redesigned layouts to provide a better overall user experience to enhance the company's already well-established position as the leading shop-to-fundraise partner for schools.

“We needed a digital commerce solution that gives us the functionality and brand control necessary for delivering a superior experience,” said Ian Diery, CEO of ESI. “We now have a flexible, scalable platform that we can leverage to grow our brand and continue to expand our reach by offering a better experience for school partners and parents.”

The eScrip fundraising model is a proven and powerful program that allows thousands of national partner merchants such as Safeway, Amazon and Expedia as well as local shops and restaurants, to contribute a percentage of a customer’s purchases back into education, and is free to the 45K partner schools.

Since the initial launch in 1999, eScrip was designed as the premier year-round national fundraising program for US schools. eScrip allows parents to designate who receives the percentage of sales from their purchases. The program has raised over $445 million for participating schools, charities and organizations.

With the relaunch, eScrip has created an online experience that not only supports the growth of the brand, but also delivers enhancements that align to the latest technologies designed to optimize the experience for shoppers on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.


ForgetMeNot Toolbar
Also available is a desktop browser toolbar add-on called ForgetMeNot™ that allows eScrip members to earn while they shop online. Once installed, the toolbar is activated on the sites that give back to their schools and nonprofits without having to begin at the eScrip Online Store. It also bookmarks favorite shops and shares special offers and coupons available with members while they shop.

ABOUT eScrip. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, eScrip is a subsidiary of Electronic Scrip Incorporated (ESI). eScrip is the longest running, most successful shop-to-fundraise program in the United States. With the introduction of eScrip, ESI pioneered a new phase of cause-related marketing and remains the committed leader in the market. eScrip is dedicated to establishing relationships between commerce and community by providing resources to organizations that support children. To date, with participation from millions of families and over 45,000 schools, the eScrip program has generated more than $420 million in merchant contributions to schools across the country. For more information, visit; to visit the shopping site, go to