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Building sales is what you want, and you want lasting loyaty with your customers. What if you could have that in an easy-to-implement-and-sustain package that is also affordable?

We have products that do just that.

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Community Round Up

An easy and convenient community engagement program that allows your customers to make small donations by rounding up their purchases to the nearest dollar. The difference with Givex Community Round Up is your customers choose where their round-up funds go!

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Shop to fundraise! Over the last 20 years eScrip has raised more than $450 million for schools and nonprofits all across the United States while creating thousands of loyal customers for grocers, restaurants and retailers in towns and online across the United States.

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About Us

We are one of largest loyalty marketing companies supporting local and national causes in the U.S. Our small team of highly skilled marketing professionals and community development experts are focused on increasing your sales through strengthening your customer base within the community.

Our rewards programs turn customers in to loyal shoppers. Work with us to get:

  • New customer acquisition through grass-roots connections to local schools and nonprofits
  • Increased monthly spending by existing customers
  • Longer "lifetime value" of customers through increased retention of your existing customers
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