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Program Details

Woodlands Market Community Card...groceries + love

Where to Earn:

All Woodlands Markets

Visit Woodlands website for locations in California.

Program Dates

Woodlands Market Community Card Program is all year.


Earn up to 5% on Monthly Purchases:

  • Spend $0 - $99.00, earn 2%
  • Spend $100 - $299, earn 3%
  • Spend over $300.00, earn 5%

For example, if your monthly purchases totaled $550, your contribution earned would be $20.50:
($100 * 2%) + ($200 * 3%) + ($250 * 5%) = $20.50

How To Earn

Visit Woodlands Market stores in Kentfield or Tiburon to get your new Community Card. Monthly qualifying purchases do not include sales tax, purchases of gift cards, postage stamps, phone cards, and bottle deposits. These exclusions are subject to change.

Use of your registered Woodlands Market Community Card is required at checkout to automatically track your purchases and contributions to your organization.

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