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O'Brien's Community Card Details

Where to Earn:

Find your O’Brien’s Market store near you.

Program Dates

O’Brien’s Market Community Card Program is all year.


Up to 5% on all purchases based on the following:

2% Rebate between $0 and $100 in monthly purchases
3% Rebate between $101 and $300 in monthly purchases
4% Rebate between $301 and $500 in monthly purchases
5% Rebate over $500 in monthly purchases

If your monthly purchases totaled $500.00, your contribution earned would be $16.00:
$100 x 2% + $200 x 3% + $200 x 4% = $16.00


No exclusions.

How To Earn

In order to participate in the O’Brien’s Market eScrip program, you must first register your O’Brien’s Market Card, choosing your preferred organization(s) for contribution.

Present your registered O’Brien’s Market Community Card (available at stores) when making your purchase using the payment method of your choice.

Use of your registered O’Brien’s Market community card is required at checkout to automatically track your purchases and contributions to your organization.



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