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Bianchini’s Fresh Market

Bianchini’s Market Locations

  • 3130 Alpine Road, Portola Valley, CA 94028
  • 810 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 94070
  • Visit for information on store locations

Contributions to Schools & Nonprofits - Earn up to 4% on Monthly Purchases

  • 1% Monthly Purchases of $0 to $300
  • + 2% Monthly Purchases between $301 to $400
  • + 3% Monthly Purchases between $401 to $500
  • + 4% Monthly Purchases over $500

For example, if your monthly purchases totaled $650.00, your donation earned would be $14.00 like so:

$300 x 1% + $100 x 2% + $100 x 3% + $150 x 4% = $14.00

Bianchini's Rewards - Earn up to 2% on Monthly Purchases

Every time you shop, present your Bianchini's Market Rewards Card or phone number to the cashier during checkout. When you earn $10 or more in rewards during a rewards cycle (January through June & July through December), you will receive a mailed rewards certificate 4-6 weeks after the end of each rewards cycle.

  • monthly spend $1 to $199: rewards amount = 1% of total purchase amount
  • monthly spend $200+: rewards amount = 2% of total purchase amount

Bianchini's Rewards are paid back to you twice yearly and are redeemable at any Bianchini's Market.

With the exception of Bianchini's Gift Cards, rewards are calculated on all purchases. Rewards are mailed 2 times a year to those that have accumulated at least $10 in rewards in the current year. Rewards are not redeemable for cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Minimum purchase must be equal to or exceed the rewards certificate.


Rewards and contributions are not earned on the purchase of Bianchini's Gift Cards.

Cards Accepted

Present your registered Bianchini’s Rewards Card (available at stores) when making your purchase. Use of your registered Rewards Card is required at checkout to automatically track your purchase and contributions to your organization.

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