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Introducing Bartell Drugs 'B' Caring Card

'B' Caring Card

Bartell Drugs is Proud to
Support the Communities We Serve.

Register your Bartell Drugs 'B' Caring Card today and start earning for your school or nonprofit organization right away.

It's Easy:

If you don't have a 'B' Caring Card, you can pick one up at any Bartell Drugs and register it one of the following ways:

  • Complete the registration form available at Bartell Drugs.
  • Register your 'B' Caring Card online, or
  • Call 1-800-931-6258
  • To track contributions without having to carry a card, be sure to include your phone number when registering and we will link it to your account.

Remember to use your registered 'B' Caring Card every time you shop at Bartell Drugs and up to 4% of your purchase amount will be contributed to the school or nonprofit of your choice


It's Free...It's Easy...Sign Up Today!