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The Future of Fundraising is Here

Benefit Mobile and Electronic Scrip Inc. (eScrip) are excited to offer a joint marketing program that brings school and nonprofit fundraising to everyone̱s fingertips. In a digital world people are asking who will bring innovation in school, charitable and nonprofit fundraising that serves how people use today’s technology. The answer lies in a uniquely addictive app developed by Benefit Mobile that allows instantaneous purchase and redemption of digital cards straight from the app. The kicker? Every purchase made with the app generates a rebate back to the user’s chosen beneficiary, whether that be a school, nonprofit or charity. Rebates range from 3% to as high as 20%. Schools and Organizations have the ability to earn tens of thousands of dollars annually.

The Benefit Mobile app has striking advantages over traditional gift card funding programs:

  1. Because it’s an app means cards are available, purchased and redeemed instantaneously.
  2. All your cards are stored within the app for easy access and organization.
  3. Use your phone—the ubiquitous device we all carry all the time.
  4. Your total purchases and earnings are immediately displayed within the app, providing positive feedback with each and every purchase.
  5. There are hundreds of America’s best merchants may be familiar with
    Walmart, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, The Home Depot, Nordstrom, Safeway, Southwest Airlines, Fandango, CVS...the list goes on and on.
  6. The experience is unique and dare we!
  7. Instantly send gift cards to recipients directly from the app.

“We designed the app as a modern and friendly approach to fundraising. Every step of our development was focused on the user and how they need to find the Benefit Mobile app enjoyable and rewarding at the same time,” said Derik Lolli, Founder and CEO of Benefit Mobile, “Once someone downloads and starts using the app, our data shows us that they quickly build up more and more use at more and more locations.”

The Benefit Mobile App is generating keen interest not only at the local school level, but also with very important large entities. Recent adopters include the Los Angeles (CA) Unified School District, Montgomery City (MD) Public Schools, Fort Bend (TX) Ind. School District, Mesa (AZ) Public School District and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Benefit Mobile to offer this app to supporters of schools and non-profit organizations. This truly is the future of fundraising. Mobile devices are a large part of our everyday lives, and can now be used to easily contribute to a chosen school or non-profit,” said Joanne Remillard, Executive Vice President of eScrip.

Schools and other nonprofits are directed to to claim their group and to start promoting and earning. Supporters can download at either the App Store or Google Play (the app is free). Once downloaded the user chooses their beneficiary organization as well choosing their preferred payment method for purchases through the app.

About Benefit Mobile

Benefit is a mobile wallet that gives back while you shop, without spending an extra dime. When you use the app at checkout for participating retailers, up to 20% percent of the total purchase goes directly to the cause of your choice. Every purchase makes a difference. For more information about Benefit visit

Contact: Derik Lolli: (616) 822-6389;
Joanne Remillard: (530) 760-4152;

ABOUT eScrip. eScrip has its headquarters in San Mateo, Calif., and is a subsidiary of Electronic Scrip Incorporated (ESI). eScrip is the longest running, most successful shop-to-fundraise program in the United States. With the introduction of eScrip, ESI pioneered a new phase of cause-related marketing and remains the committed leader in the market. eScrip is dedicated to establishing relationships between commerce and community by providing resources to organizations that support children. To date, with participation from millions of families and over 45,000 schools, the eScrip program has generated more than over $450 million in merchant contributions to schools across the country.