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Welcome New Members

Once you have registered, you are ready to experience the many opportunities available to earn money for your children's school or youth organization. Whether you have signed up for eScrip at the store, online or through your fundraising coordinator, you play an important part of our children's education. This area of our web site is designed to help you get started.

What am I signing up for?
During the registration process you are asked to register grocery cards, credit/debit cards and retail credit cards that you use for purchases. When you use any of these registered cards with a participating merchant partner, the merchant makes a contribution that goes to your designated group or organization. Remember to use your cards for every purchase and you will automatically earn money for your group.

How does my group get paid?
Your organization will receive an electronic deposit into its bank account every month. This deposit will include contributions from all of your group's participating supporters.

Does my group need to do anything special to get started?
Yes. Your group has been issued an eScrip ID number (the same number that you used to register at the store or online). This number allows us to track your purchases and designate where your earnings will be deposited. However, before we can start depositing your earnings into your group's account, your group must be actively enrolled in the program.

How does my group actively enroll?
The organization must fill out a group enrollment form (available on our web site or in the enrollment package we have sent to your group) and return this form with a copy of a voided check. Once processed, your group becomes active. We can then deposit the money already earned on their behalf and continue delivering the funds every month.

Am I earning money for my group before they have officially been enrolled?
Yes! Every time you shop starting with your sign up date, you have been earning money for your group.

What will I find in My eScrip?
In My eScrip, you will find a statement that shows all of your eScrip earnings and purchases for the month. This statement allows you to track all of your own purchases as well as your group's total contributions.

How do I take advantage of additional earnings?
You most likely have signed up with eScrip with your grocery loyalty card. This allows you to earn contributions from your favorite grocer. But this is only the start. You can use My eScrip to register additional credit/debit cards for tracking purchases at our other merchant partners. Search for merchants in your region.

Do my credit/debit cards make a difference?
Absolutely! On average, eScrip members that add credit/debit cards to the program earn 50% more for their school or group than members who only register a grocery loyalty card.

Still have questions?
Visit our Program Demo or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional information.

Thank you for becoming a member of this wonderful cause, we look forward to serving you for many years to come!

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